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New Batman costume and Batmobile more faithful than original – and that’s a good thing

Zack Snyder's Ben Afflect Batman and Batmobile Batman vs Superman

Behold! Ben Affleck and the Batmobile for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs. Superman film.

Two things.

One: such an awesome suit. That’s about as faithful as it gets when it comes to adapting Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns costume. Snyder has already come out and said he plans to draw heavily from that comic, but this is pretty on the nose, right down to the fat bat symbol. There’s no black underwear (thank God) but the grey body armour is much more faithful to Batman’s various comic incarnations. Snyder is definitely going a different direction after seven movies of molded black rubber/kevlar body armour, and it’s much-appreciated in this little corner of the internet.

Even the thick belt pouches are vintage Miller.

Here’s a look at the Batman: Arkham City video game skin so you can see how close the Affleck version will be. Heck, even the ears are smaller like those on ‘Fatman.’

Batman the Dark Knight Returns skin Arkham City

As for the Batmobile, again, it looks like Snyder is going with something already out there in the Batman mythos. The cockpit of the Batmobile certainly looks reminiscent of the new Arkham Knight Batmobile. We haven’t seen the rest of the car yet, but take a look and decide for yourself.

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile

With filming underway and an expected release date of 2016, there’s still plenty of time for Snyder to tease us with more images.

I’m sure we’ll be back and dissecting the Wonder Woman costume in the next few months.

Or the name of the as-yet-untitled film.


Mar. 12 Comics Preview: Captain Marvel flies again, Hawkguy and his bro team up and Batman battles the Riddler

March 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Captain Marvel #1 All-New Marvel Now by David LopezBatman #29 riddler cover by Greg CapulloHawkeye #17 cover David Aja Marvel

It’s always a big deal when another Batman comic comes out, but this month it’s outshone by the relaunch of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s marvelous Captain Marvel #1. Plus, more Hawkguy!
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Sin City 2 preview is a trailer to kill for

Sin City 2 A Dame to Kill for Eva Green movie
Nine years is a long time.

Nine years ago, Jessica Alba was a hot commodity, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was still best remembered as that kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun and Eva Green was the latest “Who?” Bond Girl casting.

Times have changed.
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Mar. 5 Comics Preview: Forever Evil continues (forever), Magneto begins and Gothtopia ends

March 3, 2014 1 comment

Detective Comics #29
Nightwing Forever Evil #6 coverDetective Comics #29 Gothtopia coverX-Men Magneto #1 cover

It’s a big week for badasses as Batman wrecks a drug-induced Utopia, the Crime Syndicate goes nuts over Nightwing and Magneto gets his own series.
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Feb. 26 Comics Preview: A Marvellous Week for Marvel Fans

February 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Green Goblin chess cover Superior Spider-Man #28Guardians of the Galaxy #12 variant cover Sara Pichelli AngelHawkeye #15 David Aja crossword cover

Sometimes one of the Big Two just wins it for releases in a given week. This is one of those weeks.
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