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Harley Quinn #12 is DDelightful, puddin’

November 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Harley Quinn #12 with Power Girl

The casually murderous Harley Quinn and the still-clueless yet good-to-the-core Power Girl are a match made in heaven/hell in Harley Quinn #12, from writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, and artists John Timms and Chad Hardin. Power Girl is the perfect straight character to play alongside Harley Quinn, and the Kryptonian bombshell provides a much-needed anchor point for a wild ride to another dimension populated by giant dogs, four-breasted aliens and Thanos knock-offs.
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Comic Review: Forever Evil #7 worth the forever wait

Forever Evil #7 DC Comics cover by David Finch

Delays be damned, this comic was fantastic – and totally worth the extra cover price and months-long wait.

Forever Evil #7 is a big-ticket superhero brawl and an intimate character piece all at once. It’s an artistic tour de force by David Finch and a new foundation for the future of the New 52 from Geoff Johns.

It is, in no uncertain terms, a game-changer, especially for Lex Luthor.
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Comic Review: Forever Evil #6

Forever Evil #6  Nightwing

To quote the band Drowning Pool, “Let the bodies hit the floor.”

(Repeat x3.)

It’s the second-last issue of Forever Evil, and that means it’s payoff time.

You’ve got Nightwing in chains, the bagged prisoner still hidden and most of the Justice League M.I.A.

Now, Geoff Johns and artist David Finch are ready to give us some answers.
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Comic Review: Hawkeye #15

February 26, 2014 Leave a comment

Hawkeye #15 cover David Aja


This looks awesome.

Hawkeye #15 is a return to all the things that make this comic great. David Aja is back on art. Clint Barton is back at center stage (sorry Kate Bishop, we love you too, but… you know). And the drama has picked up, as the creepy clown Kazu and his band of tracksuit Draculas make their final play to get their hands on Clint’s apartment building.
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Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #10

December 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Angela and Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy #10 cover Kevin Maguire

To quote Peter Quill, Guardians of the Galaxy #10 is a “spa day” for Gamora and Angela.

So how do the most dangerous woman in the universe and the most dangerous angel from another universe treat themselves on a “spa day?”

They kick alien ass.
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